Candy Capers thumbnails, inspiration, and final covers.

Word on the street is that the Adventure Time: Candy Capers trade paperback is now available everywhere!  Ananth and I had a few early copies for TCAF and let-me-tell-you, the book looks A M A Z I N G !  In celebration, here’s all my covers, their thumbnails, and their respective mystery/thriller/action inspirations!

You should be following the rad people who made this book possible!  Artist Ian McGinty, letterer/designer Hannah Nance Partlow, colorist Maarta Laiho, and of course my co-writer Ananth.  Super extra special thanks to our amazing editor Shannon Watters!  It was so wonderful working with all you guys, yer all tops!!

And since I’m here, the new Johnny Wander collection CUTTINGS is still available for preorder on Kickstarter!  Thank you so so so much to everyone who’s supported/shared it!!

Reading is one form of escape. Running for your life is another.
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If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
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"dinner’s ready!"


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The most beautiful cat cafe I have been to. It’s called Temari no Ouchi (Temari’s house) in Tokyo, Japan. The soft music and ambience feels like you are in a Studio Ghibli film. Had to take the Japan Railway there, but was totally worth the extra trip, & unlike the central Tokyo cat cafes, this one has no time limit, so feels totally relaxed. Several girls were even sleeping there amongst the cats.

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Creative Fashionary sketches by Grace Ciao

Grace is a fashion illustrator from Singapore. She draws inspiration from everything around her. Her favourite materials are watercolours and flowers. Here are her amazing Fashionary sketches inspired by flowers!

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i found some more pictures of that Sunbeam snake! So cute…


dumb ass tied himself into a knot

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tumblr needs a wendy

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blue’s neighbor is a little weird…


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